Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little spin through Boulder County.
I decided to bail on the office for about three or four hours in order to celebrate 66F degrees in January (that's 18 degrees Celsius, Scully). Got in a nice 50ish mile ride during my workday!

Not feeling the love from this farm. So sad.

Descending from the top of McCaslin. More fun to ride down than up. I'm a notoriously poor downhill I'm working on that. My top speed this day was 52mph, which isn't too bad! I get sketchy because there is so much sand on the road from the gravel trucks trying to keep the winter ice at bay. It makes for some scary pavement in spots.

The bad part about winter is that I do mostly intervals, so my fuel supplies get depleted. I mean, who needs Blocks for an hour on the trainer, right? Devoid of good options, I snaked my kids Kids Cliff Ropes. Shhhh....

Quick stop to check the BGs. I usually test about every 45minutes to an hour on a hard ride, unless I feel lousy. An easy spin? Less frequently. I have a pretty good idea of where my blood sugar falls on the bike...but I also like the security of knowing. I use disposable meters, generally, so I don't have to worry if they get wet or lost.

Final MAX values. Nice watts. My average was significantly lower...about 160.

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